Well-loved Italian Foods Available Worldwide: The Best Italian Recipes


The world’s most cherished cuisine, Italian food is now commonplace for almost any event. With dishes both simple to prepare and easier to eat – no wonder the Italians have this type of passion for meals as well as lifetime.

Almost every town in Italy features its own specialties, resulting in a number of regional foods as opposed to one nationwide cuisine. Some dishes, however, are available and popular almost anyplace – with recipes passed on and modified generation to generation, family to family.


Regarded as Italy’s most celebrated meal, this world favorite is actually versatile enough to have anything as a topping. The Margherita, named after a queen, is made by adding fresh basil leaves over a pizza and finished with mozzarella and tomato,and represents Italy’s national colours.

Perhaps the most popular pizza these days, the Margherita is both easy and scrumptious. Created using fresh dough, mozzarella made from the whole milk of water buffaloes from Naples, perfectly seasoned tomato marinade, additional virgin extra virgin olive oil and basil, this world favorite is cooked to crisp perfection in a wood-fired oven.

Italian Sausages

One of the more versatile Italian foods, sausages can be appreciated on a bun, grilled on a barbecue, found in pasta and lasagna or even put into soups, these links are often flavoured with garlic and fennel or anise. They are available in hot as well as fairly sweet types, with the former using red peppers and the latter without using extra heat.

Although Italy is known for using a varied selection of sausages, the United States just refers to one – the Italian sausage. The ingredients include finely cut pork, fat, salt and pepper and fennel. Others contain nitrates. These are about 4 inches long and an inch across.

How they are prepared is important because store-bought versions are sold uncooked. For optimum results, boiling the links for around ten minutes helps to ensure that they’re ideal for barbecuing or frying, depending on the meal.

While it’s true these sausages are not ideal for those on a diet, they’re delicious as well as flavorful enough to be worth adding to any meal. Additionally there is a choice of using lean meat to reduce the fat content without skimping on the flavor.


Regarded as Italy’s most varied food, bread differs throughout the different regions of the nation.


Crispy breads made with nothing but garlic and olive oil it is simple, yet satisfying. Bruschetta crispy breads are often offered along with beef or even eaten on its own.


(Pronounced foh-KAH-she-ah) this inch-thick, square bread drizzled with olive oil and sea salt is a close relative of the pizza. Capped with cheese like fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, or romano, tomatoes, and other select toppings, focaccia breads are a testament to the fact that flavor runs in the family.


Grissini is not as well known within the United States. Served as an appetizer in the majority of Roman dining places, these types of bread sticks are crispy and therefore are a perfect start to every meal.

Because of the simplicity of Italian dishes, it’s no surprise many other countries adapt their own versions. From pizzas, sausages, to Italian breads, every culture brings its style to these Italian dishes.