For anyone planning a holiday, Italy is a destination worth considering as it has beautiful and historic cities, rich in romance and mouth watering cuisine. One visit is never enough and that is why most visitors find themselves returning to this one of a kind holiday destination over and over again.

1. Rome

Home to the Vatican Rome is a bustling city full of life and vitality. It also houses St. Peters plus a host of other monuments, churches, beautiful fountains and other sites of historical and archaeological value. Filled with excellent restaurants and a range of nightlife options the many attractions of Rome are too numerous to name all, but Capitoline Hill, Mouth of Truth, the famous Catacombs, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Vatican City and the Colosseum are just some of the fantastic sites.

Rome has some fabulous events worth participating in, such as the Eurochocolate, Good Friday Procession, Expo Tevere, the International Urban Theatre Festival and the Rome Marathon just to mention a few.

2 – Venice

Mention Venice and immediately comes to mind weaving water ways and gondolas, the stuff songs are written about. One of Italy's most romantic cities it attracts more and more visitors each year. The heart of Venice is the Piazza San Marco, while the city also has many museums, palaces and churches worth visiting. So go on a gondola ride and visit the Campanile Di San Marco, Accademia Gallery, Parco Delle Rimembranze and the Ponte Di Rialto, while being serenaded by your gondolier, if you're lucky!

3 – Florence

Florence is the capital city of Tuscany which brings to mind breath taking scenery filled with vineyards and old but beautiful villas. Florence is one of the most visited destinations, especially by art lovers already familiar with the Florence Renaissance treasures. Its Duomo and Baptistery are glorious but crowded with tourists as is their large piazza. Piazza Del Signoria, Palazzo Strozzi, Palazzo Pitti, Casa Buonarroti, Santa Maria Novella and Medici Chapel are some of the famous attractions in Florence.

4 – Milan

Synonymous with the fashion industry Milan is one of the richest cities in Europe with a rich artistic and cultural heritage. Home to many top designers it is from Milan that many made their venture into the fashion world. Despite the glitzy glamorous side of Milan it has its historical attractions as well, as do most of the Italian cities. The Palazzo Cusani, Santa Maria Delle Grazie, Brera Gallery, Palazzo Litta and Palazzo Marino are just some of the attractions available in Milan.

5 – Naples

Naples is situated in the coast south of Rome and it is one of the most important cities in Southern Italy. Even after the renovation it contains the old setup with historic and artistic places. Naples is filled with street markets and many restaurants. Naples is also home to some of the most beautiful harbors.

6- Bologna

Bologna is well known for its beauty and wealth. Streets of Bologna are lined with beautiful arcades, ideal for shoppers and tourists to purchase essentials or souvenirs and hangout. There are several attractive squares, historic buildings, beautiful churches, monuments, cafe and restaurants.

7. Verona

The well known setting for the most famous of star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, Verona is the third largest city in Italy. The venue for the top Italian opera festival, Verona is the fourth most visited city by holiday makers to Italy.

8. Perugia

Situated in central Italy, Perguia is home to large universities surrounded by lush green hills and ancient walls. During July tourists can enjoy two weeks of music bliss with live concerts and exhibitions while enjoying the amazing food available in Perguia.

9 – Genoa

Genoa is situated in the northwest coast of Italy and was a 2004 European Culture Capital making it an ever better place to visit now. It has galleries and museums so tourists interested in culture will not be disappointed.

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Read More by Larry Austin