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Kono Pizza in Aruba

The amazing Kono Pizza Aruba offers delicious treats of pizza in the form of cone. This an entirely new concept in Aruba introduced by the owner of Pizza Kono the Italian by the name Fabrizio Battaglia. Pizza Kono is a must try because it is not only fun but also healthy. Guests on Island enjoy eating pizza in a cone. Apart from that Kono Pizza also offers mouthwatering snacks, amazing drinks and perfect ambiance.

Italian cuisine is indeed extraordinary and that is exactly what Kono Pizza is all about. Pizza in a cone is an out of the box idea that has become a popular on the island. Kono Pizza is made up of a cone and layers of fillings and each bite is tantalizing and satisfying. This is best way to eat pizza on the go, it is a healthy, tasty and fun snack that is a great alternative to the normal meals.

This genius idea of pizza in a cone has taken pizza shops in noord Aruba by storm. Rather than folding the pizza, a crust cone is filled with delicious toppings. The taste can be compared to a deep dish however it is a lot less messy. How is it less messy? Well that is the mystery you have find out by trying Kono pizza. It holds together quite well and you can eat it as you walk down the street.

Everybody wonders why Kono Pizza had not been there earlier because it is an amazing idea. People now imagine what other foods they could eat from cones. Pizza Kono is highly portable food which makes Pizza Kono the ideal snack. We all know pizza as being flat but now Pizza Kono is showing us a new way to enjoy pizza.

At the Kono Pizza restaurant in oranjestad Aruba the cones and fries are served piping hot. The moment you see it you will be drooling with anticipation to have a bite and you will not be disappointed. The cone crust is thin and chewy. There are many options for Kono Pizza for you to sample including Margherita, Pepperoni, Fattoria and so many other options including deli, breakfast and dessert cones. The Italian ingredients are fresh and come has a nice crunch. Kono pizza Aruba restaurant is a great place to take your family it has the traditional Italian ambiance.

Kono pizza is prepared in less three and a half minutes, meaning if you have restless hungry kids then you do not need to worry about wait time. The cone is filled with fresh Italian ingredients and allowed to bake for close to three minutes. Visit Piazza Italia and Sciue’ Sciue’ restaurant in Aruba and enjoy sumptuous food and the unique Kono Pizza.