If you have ever considered fine  Italian   foods  as a great way to feed the family, yet they are tired of pasta each time you want  Italian  you are in luck. The fact is that there are so many  Italian  recipes that have nothing to do with pasta, it will make your head spin. Pasta seems to be the unspoken cuisine mascot for the  Italian  culture, and while this seems to be understandable it is not really the case. The  Italians  enjoy many different  foods  that can be found not only around their country, but all over the world as well.  Italian  cooks have always been adventurous when it comes to cooking, and the more opportunities they have to experiment the better the meal will be.

Rice Has A Place

There is a great deal of option when it comes to fine  Italian   foods , and most of which are actually not pasta related. Many of the wonderful dishes that you find from the past and the newer recipes in the fine restaurants, are revolving around rice. There are quite a few different forms of rice that can be used for a great  Italian  meal, and using the right rice for the right recipe can be very important. Many of the great recipes including the likes of Risotto, are easy to make and you will be pleasing the family each and every time you cook. Rice is a very versatile food that you can use as the part of a main course or as a fine side.

Meats Are A Mainstay

When it comes to fine  Italian   foods , you must never forget the meats. There are many dishes that call for various forms of meat, and some very popular recipes ask for lamb or pork to bring the most out of the meal. The  Italians  have been using meat just as long as any other culture, and when you are going to enjoy a fine  Italian  meal you need to expect something to be offered that contains meat in it. Many of the fine dishes that grace  Italian  tables and wonderful Mediterranean restaurants, include poultry and or fish. This is a great way to get the meat in the dish, yet not have the recipe be too heavy where you are full by the second course.  Italian  meals that are made with meat can be enjoyed any time of the year, and the more you look to enjoy a fine  Italian  dish the more likely you are to find one that has your meat intake covered graciously.

Vegetables Are A Great Side Or A Course All On Their Own

When it comes to fine  Italian   food , a meal would just not be considered complete, without a form of vegetable served. You will find all kinds of veggies in a meal at an  Italian  table, some will be grilled and some will be used in sauces. Whatever you do with a vegetable in Italy is always appreciated and you will seldom find someone not willing to try what is offered.