Pasta is one of the easiest meals to cook ahead of time and store in your fridge. You can then easily make a variable of different things with the same pasta while not feeling like you are eating the same thing every day.

The best way to cook pasta is start with water at a rolling boil. To really make sure that your pasta tastes good you must be sure to salt the water properly. Make sure that the water tastes a little bit saltier than you want your pasta to taste (usually around three to four table spoons for pasta for four). Cook for about fifteen minuets making sure to check the past as it gets closer to being done, depending on the type of pasta you choose this may vary by a few minuets.

Once the pasta is done strain it and run cold water on it till it has cooled down completely. You do this to stop the cooking if left hot in the strainer or even in a storage device in the fridge it will continue to cook and the pasta will become mushy. A good idea too if you want them to cool even faster in the case where they are perfect and if they cook much longer will become over cooked you can toss a few ice cubes in with the pasta they will cool a bit faster that way.

Now that the pasta is cooled it is good to toss the pasta in a bit of olive oil. Just enough to coat all the pasta so that it does not stick together. I believe that for plain pasta large zip-lock storage bags work the best. You can even put your cold pasta into the bag first and pour the oil right into the bag zip it up toss it around and its good to go for the next step passer you are gonna do it now or later.

Buying pesto is much more practical for most people and there are some good ones out there. One of the best deals in terms of the quality that I have found so far is believe it or not Costco Cibo Naturals brand. You get a big jar for a good deal and its really good. If you have your own delicious pesto that would also work well.

The great thing about this recipe is that it will work with just about any cheese you could have sitting in your refrigerator. I do however like to use Munster in particular for this combo. Conveniently Costco also has this type of cheese already sliced ​​and ready to go right on top

All that is left now is to take your pasta and put it into whatever serving dish you wish put the pesto on mix it in a bit put your cheese on top of that and trow it in the microwave. I would suggest some Parmesan cheese also if you have it. The only thing that you need to dirty is your dish and a fork so clean up takes only minutes.

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Read More by Anthony Reynolds-Boken